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Live at Arthouse Cafe

(photo by Curtis Perry)


Ethan is an Ottawa based songwriter, singer, and guitarist. He writes folk and country songs which draw heavily on Appalachian and Western traditions.

From his humble beginnings as a classically trained cellist, he has ventured into the Wild Wild West of folk and country music. He has a deep curiousity for all things music, and draws upon diverse influences from Hank Williams to Jeff Buckley to Tom Waits and back. He has a vested interest in adapting traditional musical taste to modern songs, and is a keen study of Bluegrass, Folk, and Country from decades as early as the 1920's, and enjoys many modern artists who are revitalizing traditional styles, such as Nick Shoulders and Colter Wall.

His songs range from tender love songs, toe tapping shuffles, and Country crooner power ballads, sung in a rich, timeless baritone and by flashy bluegrass runs and intricate fingerpicking guitar.

Ethan Mitchell at Arthouse Cafe. Photo by Curtis Perry
Nyx and Lightsmith at Arthouse Cafe. Photo by Curtis Perry


In addition to his work as a solo artist, Ethan frequently collaborates with his friends in Ottawa and beyond

Nyx and Lightsmith is Ethan's main project with his partner Maddy O'regan. Nyx and Lightsmith is a guitar and fiddle folk duo whose songs emphasize the shared human experience, reminding listeners that amidst life's challenges, no one is truly alone. Their debut EP, similes will be available in Fall 2024.

Oddeline is a folksinger, songwriter, community organizer and producer from Ottawa, Ontario. She writes music heavily influenced by 60s jazz-folk like Nick Drake and Fairport Convention, with a DIY attitude rooted in a love of early indie bands. As of 2024, Ethan joined her live show line up as lead guitarist.

Sunday in the Valley is a project to document and celebrate folk music in Ottawa and beyond. Ethan and his partner Dalton Carew release monthly videos of their friends and colleagues in the Canadian folk scene.

The Record Store Bargain Bin is Ethan's newest project, a full country band featuring Nik Field on lap steel, Brianna Herdman on Bass, and Matt Troncale on dums. They play country music rootes in the traditional sounds of the 50's and 60's, from toe tapping shuffles to country crooner power ballads.

String Arrangements Ethan has worked with artists from all over Ontario including Moonfruits, Oddeline, Corbin Hawkins, Kate Greenland, and Annie Martel to write and develop string accompaniment for their original songs. He performs and records these arrangement on cello, with his partner Maddy on violin.

Ethan Mitchell and a 1943 Epiphone Olympic. Photo by Curtis Perry


In addition to his work as a performer and songwriter, Ethan is a passionate and charismatic teacher. He offers lessons in cello, guitar, piano, music theory, and songwriting in the heart of downtown Ottawa. With over a decade of experience, he's taught students of all levels and ages. He leverages technical and theoretical knowledge gained from his classical training with a love of the creativity and freedom of the folk tradition to make music accessible and fun. If you're interested in lessons, get in touch!

Nyx and Lightsmith live at Arthouse Cafe. Photo by Curtis Perry


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